Ranch Dip Mix

I get asked for this everytime I post dinner on instagram with it. So here it is!


That’s Honey Sweetened Sweet Chile Sauce and Crispy Oven Fries with our turkey lettuce wraps up there!

In a half pint jar, shake together-
-5 tbsp dry minced onions

-1 tbsp garlic powder

-4 tsp salt

-2 tbsp dry parsley

-1 tsp each dill, thyme and basil

To make dip, mix together;

-1 c mayo

-1 c yogurt or sour cream OR (more like thick dip) buttermilk or kefir (more like pourable dressing)

-2 tbsp dip mix.

You can use right away, but best if sits in fridge for a good half hour first.
The dip keeps for a week in the fridge. Label jar of dry mix with mixing instructions and store in cupboard for future use. I make a pint jar of this every week. We adore it!

Bonus tip! My new favourite way to put our snacks for the kids is in this mini loaf pan. Isn’t it so cute?!




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