Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

The photo below is kinda cheating, because when I make mashed potatoes, I cut them into 2-3″ chunks. I’m sure I took a photo, but I must have deleted it, cause all I have is a photo where I was cooking whole potatoes for baked potatoes. I’m not sharing an exact recipe, cause I don’t have one, but simply the method for how you would use an InstantPot to make mashed potatoes.


First off, This is the model of InstantPot I have. I specifically chose this one, even though there is a cheaper one, because this model scalds milk for making yogurt, which if you’re a yogurt maker, you know is a major time saver step to be able to skip!  If you’re in Canada, the one I have is this. 

How to make Mashed Potatoes in the InstantPot

Wash and cut your potatoes if they’re bigger than a few inches long. In half is just dandy. Don’t bother peeling! You won’t notice they’re there. I fill to the 3 qt line and thats two meals worth of mashed potatoes for our family.

Put the potatoes in the InstantPot insert, along with 1 cup of water. Make sure you’ve checked to make sure the seal and such is A O K (Read your manual before you use your InstantPot! It’s not hard to use, but there is a few important things to remember.)

Put your lid on, giggle at the old school video game noise, then set the valve to “sealing”, and choose “Manual” then use arrows to adjust to 10 minutes. You should have plugged it in by this point too 😉 In a few seconds it’ll start beeping, and this is your pot starting to work!

Once it’s good and heated up, steam will start coming up, the little button thing will pop up, and then once it’s up to pressure, the timer will start counting down.

When it’s done, it’ll beep a good few times. Press Cancel to turn it off.

Carefully! Flick the valve open and steam will come shooting out. Once it’s done that, and the button has gone back down, take the lid off.

Look! Cooked potatoes! Throw on some oven mitts and drain out the bit of water left in there. Now mash in (right in the pot!) whatever you want for butter and cream (lots!) as well as your favourite seasonings. For me that seasoning salt.

Once it’s all mashed up, serve em up, or put the lid back on, and choose “Keep Warm”. This will keep the potatoes warm and delicious for unto 10 hours. So depending on your work day, you could make these in the morning, and when you get home from work, they’d be waiting for you! Woohoo!

See how easy and quick that was? I used to rarely make mashed potatoes because I hated watching the pot to make sure it didn’t boil over, and then i had to make sure the sink was clear so I could drain a giant pot of boiling water! I just love making mashed potatoes in my InstantPot now!

Have you ever used a pressure cooker? What about an electric one? It’s changing the way I cook in my kitchen!

2 thoughts on “Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

  1. Hiya! Ive been following you on IG for a few months and have just started browsing your blog — I love your recipes! I bought an Instant Pot last month because of your recommendation, truly because we cook similarly and it has been such a time and space-saver(I’m a longtime crockpotter and generally avoid lots of gadgets/stuff in my kitchen). I’m trying out pressure cooking for mashed potatoes for our US Thanksgiving and I’m really excited… Thnk you!!!!


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