Overnight Cinnamon Twists

{Ack, the photos went missing! I am working on it! Sorry!!}

This recipe has serious history for my family. When my sister Molly was younger, she would make these to sell at our local farmers market. When she grew out of it, I grew into it. It was a terrific way to make some spending money. To this day, our family still loves making them, so I hope your family loves them too!

A note about flour- these can be made with 100% white or 100% whole wheat flour (including fresh ground hard wheat). BUT! If your family is used to white, don’t go making these all whole wheat and thinking they’ll like it. Start with just 1 cup of whole wheat and work your way up so they get accustomed to it.


Overnight Cinnamon Twists

1 tbsp yeast

1/4 c warm water

4 c flour

1 c butter, melted

1 c sour cream or yogurt

2 large eggs

1 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 c sugar

1 tbsp cinnamon

In the bowl of your mixer, stir yeast and water together. Let sit 5 min, then add flour, butter, sour cream/yogurt, eggs salt and vanilla. Stir until smooth. Cover with a damp cloth and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours, up to 2 days.

The dough will look basically unchanged at this point. Preheat oven to 375F. Combine sugar and cinnamon. Roll dough into a 15×18 inch rectangle, then spread the cinnamon sugar mixture on top of it. Fold like a letter towards the middle into thirds, so it looks like this; (Ignore the sugar on top, I tried it a different way just this once and regretted it)


Then turn the dough horizontally and roll into a 1/4 inch rectangle like this;


(Again…ignore that darn sugar on top…it should have all been on the original roll out)

Then slice into 1 inch strips! Grease or cover two baking sheets with parchment paper, test the strips and place them on the baking sheets. To twist, pick up each end of the strip like so;


Then twist each hand a different direction like this;


Then place on the tray next to the others.


Bake for 15 min at 375F. Then devour!


4 thoughts on “Overnight Cinnamon Twists

  1. I had totally gotten it in my head that these were sourdough! Do you have a sourdough version!? Well they look awesome anyways. Still gonna make them.


  2. Lol! I hit post comment and see below this section that there’s a link to the sourdough vernon!! So at least I haven’t totally lost my mind!


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