Nettle Rose Tea

Growing up, the only tea I ever tried was “Regular Tea” and frankly, I was unimpressed and disgusted. No matter how much sugar and milk I added, I didn’t like it! Then, I discovered peppermint tea and fell in love! So if I loved peppermint…what others have I not tried that I might love?!

So while you won’t find Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey in my cupboards, you’ll find various herbal mixes, as well as some basic organic Black and Green Tea that I use in combination with other things to make Chai Syrup or Soothing Elixir. Through the last few years I’ve experimented with mixing my own herbal tea mixes, and while I have several favourites that are more complicated, my favourite (for now) will lay in this simple blend suggested by my sister.


Are you ready for the this? It’s a little intense and hard to follow.

1 part dried nettle leaves

1 part dried rose pettles

Mix together. Done. 

Now how basic is that?! Yet the flavour is delightful. My favourite is to have it with a wee teaspoon of honey and a splash of coconut milk, but I usually don’t have coconut milk on hand due to my laziness in making it, so honey suffices.  I purchase both of those herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs online when I run out of the little bit I manage to put aside in season.


To Brew;

A Scant 1 tbsp of tea mix for every 250 mls of water. I have a 1 litre/1 quart tea pot, so I put 3-4 tbsp of tea leaves in there. While this may seem hefty, remember that Nettles and Roses have medicinal qualities such as iron in Nettles and anything in the Rose family being terrific for woman, especially pregnant, to consume. Not to mention all the trace vitamins and minerals we would take up this whole page trying to cover.


Put your tea mix in your tea pot/mug. Fill with boiling water. Let sit minimum 2 min, upto 24 hours (Yes, it’s delicious warmed up the next day, and there will be even more nutritional value after a longer steep!)

Personally, I don’t use a tea strainer as I find they mostly sink to the bottom of the tea pot, and what doesn’t isn’t offensive. So put the kettle onto boil, and enjoy your cuppa tea!



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