Steakhouse Butter

I figure I should just inundate you with venison recipes for the next bit. For those who are recipe whores *cough*  I mean those who really like new recipes, this can be your way of getting excited for hunting season! Fresh meat! Yes! Don’t know about you…but we sure eat lots when its fresh. Whats the point of packaging and freezing when I can eat it now?! Then after a couple weeks I’m all oh my goodness I need chiiiickennnn. 

So! Steakhouse butter! Last hunting season after Marius asked if we could please pretty please have steak and potatoes again, I pulled out my best these-are-such-first-world-problems pout and said steak? again? I like to appease him though, because when I do special things for him, he’s more likely to jump up and do the dishes after dinner. (kidding! He doesn’t jump up after dinner, he’s way too pooped. He does put clean dishes away after boys are in bed though). I’d seen this in my Chef at Home cookbook and decided to give it a try.

Well let me tell you! It was a winner! The following week we had impromptu dinner guests and I whipped out these on some basic grilled steaks. Lets just say I wowed them.

You can roll this up all fancy in a log to have slices…orrrr, just put it in a bowl and everyone takes a smear for their steak. I like that better, because when in a log, it has to be cold, and I’d rather have it room temperature to start melting right away on my steak!

steakhouse butter

Steakhouse Butter

1/2 c room temperature butter (Make note of whether it’s salted or unsalted because it will effect how you season this)

2 tbsp finely minced shallot, red onion, sweet onion, green onion, you pick!

1-3 cloves of garlic, finely minced, depending on potency (cheap supermarket or fresh homegrown?) and preferred garlicky ness.

1 tbsp finely minced parsley (you can switch this up for another green herb)

1 tbsp finely minced fresh thyme, or 1 tsp dried thyme

1-2 tbsp red wine vinegar (start with smaller, as sometimes it doesn’t want to all mix it. I don’t mind having a bit not mixed perfectly in)

Freshly ground pepper and sea salt to taste

Mix together all ingredients in a bowl. Done! Now top it on your grilled, pan fried or broiled steak and wow some people! Alternatively, you could put herbs, onion, garlic, vinegar in food processor, pulse until smooth, then add butter and pulse until combined. I’d have to own a food processor to try that, but I’m sure it would work fabulously.

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