The Best Iced Coffee. Ever. I’m Serious

{sorry if you saw this when it was all wonky. Not sure what went wrong there}

I never drank coffee until 2 summers ago. Just wasn’t my thang. Then I saw a recipe for Iced Coffee Concentrate and somehow I thought that would be yummy to try? I didn’t want to waste Marius’ good Organic, Fair Trade, Kicking Horse Coffee for it (cough, coffee snob, cough), so I stole some of my stepdads Kirkland as he had recently stopped drinking coffee and it was just sitting around.

Next thing we knew, my sister Molly and I were sluggin’ back quart jars of iced coffee like it ain’t no thang.

The only problem…was that I was 5 months and Molly 7 months pregnant. Ya know, the time when you’re supposed to cut down or stop drinking coffee? We started. My Mom sat by and watched, until All went Wrong with Hamish in Utero and she called an intervention. Obviously the coffee didn’t CAUSE it, but I needed to eat for optimum fetal health and coffee wasn’t included in that.

Fast forward to the next summer…now we both had a small baby and a toddler and guess what got picked back up again? Iced coffee. Never in earnest, just one here or there.

This summer? Ohhhhh this summer. I’m not quite sure what started the coffee drinking…could have been the move…the miscarriage right before the move…the stress…I started drinking iced coffee on a regular basis. Probably 5/7 days. Okay, yesterday I had two. Don’t shoot me.

Safe to say I’ve got it down pat. Take notes, cause you’ll want to do this too!

You’ll need to Cold Brew. Don’t just put hot coffee in the fridge, specifically cold brew your coffee, it’s less effort, and you’ll have a bunch of coffee concentrate in the fridge for future days/weeks. The reason we cold brew is it’s not as acidic. I can’t drink a cup of hot coffee, churns my guts, even if it’s been chilled. I can only drink cold brew!

How to make this Sweet Elixir;

1) Mix 1 cup finely ground coffee and 2 litres of cold water in a large jar and shake well. We only have a hand grinder for course grinding and perking coffee at home, so I did this at the store with their grinders. Or I use my blender. Coffee Choices; Marius prefers Dark Dark Dark coffee, and that gives lovely flavour, but for the best kick, use Espresso. Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso will kick you in the butt!

2)Let is sit 24 hours on the counter. Yes the counter. Just do it.

3) Strain through fine cheesecloth or a fine dishtowel. Not one you care about too much cause it will stain! A piece of cotton fabric would work too. Squeeze the ball of grinds in the cloth to get out the last drops!

4) Pour into jars and refridgerate! This lasts a few weeks…if it actually lasts that long without you using it all. I make a gallon jar at a time…heh heh.

Now! How to actually make yourself a cuppa Iced Coffee!

In a pint jar, I prefer small mouth, put two iced cubes and a pinch of sea salt.

A Fat drizzle of Maple Syrup or Honey.

3 fingers Coffee Concentrate…

Top it off with Milk…(Raw for me of course…)

Now put on a lid and shake up that sweet elixir. I usually have a shudder the first sip (gulp). I can’t help myself.

Now don’t skip the iced cubes and salt. Shaking over ice makes a huge difference in flavour and sea salt just needs to be in everything. Please.

Iced Coffee Concentrate

1 c finely ground coffee, preferably Espresso

2 Litres Cold Water

Combine in a jar, shake well, let sit 24 hours, then strain.

Iced Coffee

In a Pint Jar…

2 small/medium sized ice cubes

Pinch of Sea Salt

Fat Drizzle Maple Syrup

3 fingers Coffee Concentrate

Top up with Milk

Put a lid on and shake well! Enjoy!


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