Sourdough Foccacia (or pizza) dough

Here it is folks! Our family favourite focaccia bread. Use it as pizza dough (makes 2 medium/large pizzas) Use as focaccia bread. Cut finished focaccia into squares and cut in half to make buns for sandwiches. A simple and versatile sourdough recipe every baker needs in their arsenal


1 c starter
2 c water
2 tbsp olive oil
1.5 tsp salt
4 c flour (any combo of white or whole wheat)
Stir together. Cover and let sit 6-24 hrs. Press into a parchment covered or greased half sheet pan (big cookie sheet). Drizzle a good few tbsp olive oil on and spread around. Make finger indentations in top, Sprinkle coarse/kosher salt and dried herb of choice on top. we love rosemary or thyme. dried onion is yum too!

Let it rest until oven up to temp. Turn oven on to 450F after you’ve got dough on pan and all ready. When oven is up to temp, bake 20-25 min. Then eat up!!

10 thoughts on “Sourdough Foccacia (or pizza) dough

  1. Can you freeze this dough? I made it and it rose very quickly over night and I’ll have no ingredients for my pizza until this evening… :s


  2. Mixing this up now for pizza tonight! I’m so proud that I revived my sourdough starter from the fridge where it sat for a couple weeks!


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