Short Cut Puff Pastry

See the video on how its made here-

4 cups white flour

2 tsp salt

18 ounces cold butter

1 cup cold water


Combine flour and salt. Grate butter with a cheese grater and toss into flour with your hands until well combined. Add water in and stir with a fork, adding more water to make it come together if needed. Transfer onto your counter and gently knead a few times to make it come together. Divide into three equal pieces whether by weighing or by sight. They should be about 1 pound each. Take one ball and roll into a roughly 6″x 12″ rectangle. Don’t worry about it being super pretty but it helps in the ends are kinda square. Fold it into thirds so you’re folding it like a letter. Repeat with other two, put in a bag and into the fridge for 2 hours or up to 2 days. Now you can use it however your recipe calls for puff pastry! The average package of puff pastry is a pound, Look at you saving yourself so much money.

Our favourite way is sausage rolls, made here-


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