Homegrown Flower Tea

You can buy your dried ingredients or grow and dry your own! Mountain rose herbs is a great resource for buying- https://www.mountainroseherbs.com

You can see me harvest, dry and make this on youtube here- https://youtu.be/uu9uTXSMCY0


To mix up the classic “honey tea cow juice” of my husbands childhood, mix together, by weight or by cup measurement into a large bowl;

1 part dried calendula flowers

1 part dried marigold flowers

2 parts dried mint

to make 1 quart jar, use a 1 cup measure as your “part”


To add your own twist, consider these;

1 part dried rose petals

1 part dried nettles

1 part dried red clover

1 part dried chamomile

After its been mixed, scoop into a jar, label and store in the cupboard


To make a cup of tea, steep 1 rounded tablespoon of tea mix in a cup of boiling water. Add honey and milk if you want the true “honey tea cow juice” experience!

To make a pot (i have a large 1.5+qt teapot) I use a good 1/3-1/2 cup of tea mix.

3 thoughts on “Homegrown Flower Tea

  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe Kate. I made a big batch and it is already gone! Even my non-tea drinking husband thought it was good!


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