Honey Butter Pancake Syrup

Quick to mix up, nutrient dense, I’ve got all the ingredients on hand always, no weird ingredients…just what my family needs!

Honey Butter Pancake Syrup

I find it easier to use weights over cups with honey and butter but I gave you both

8 oz (2/3 cup) raw honey

4 oz (1/2 cup) butter

1 tsp vanilla

If butter is unsalted- a fat pinch of salt as well

Gently melt together, whisk to combine. Serve warm over pancakes, waffles, french toast, you name it! Store in a jar with a lid. Store in fridge for weeks or on the counter for a week. I put it in a pot of hot water or on my stovetops “warming zone” to warm up leftovers to use another day.


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